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The men in your life all have interests they are passionate about, and more than likely, there are any number of books that will speak to these interests.From How-To manuals to science fiction, history, or art books, there’s something for everyone. A balsa wood airplane kit is an inexpensive and fun gift to include in the proverbial stocking.Guillow has been making these fun balsa wood airplanes since 1926, and I must say their story is one worth reading into when you have a chance.It may sound a little strange, but it’s probably one of the coolest little gifts you can give a guy in your life.

By engaging focus and following the procedure to produce something that works, we allow different parts of our mind to be used, letting others that are used too much a bit of down time.One wax highly worth considering is Souveran by Pinnacle Wax.Of course, you can always elect to go with a less pricey wax, These are great for guys who have to wear the same pairs of shoes every day five days a week.Facial hair isn’t of the same texture as the hair on a guy’s head.Especially with the dry cold of winter, help your furry friends stay looking their best with a gift of some nice beard oil.

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